Top 5 Apps to Improve Memory

Even during the days of old feature phones, I just love downloading memory training apps, mostly picture matching ones. But there are plenty of ways to train your brain and improve your memory and there are tons of that. Some studies show that keeping your brain exercised will keep you sharp ‘til you’re 90 or older and could fend off Alzheimer’s. Here are the top 5 apps that should keep your brain busy and sharp.


A brain training app that uses a spaced repetition technique. It not only trains your memory but is actually helpful especially if you want to remember passwords, credit card details, words and phone numbers. It won’t sit dormant either as it will remind you to periodically take a test. Eidetic is said to effectively use the spaced repetition technique which makes it worth checking out. Plus, it’s out-of-the-box straightforward and won’t ask you to register or anything. The app name alone speaks volumes.

Fit Brains Trainer

is another cool brain training app available on iOS and Android. It has over 60 games designed to improve the users’ memory, cognitive abilities, IQ and even emotional intelligence. In order to accomplish those, the games are designed to train the brain’s major brain functions. The fact that’s it’s 60 games in one quite helps. It’s reminiscent of my old Palm puzzle games pack. The games can be standalone or online and the online games can test your knowledge and memory against other players. Like other brain trainers, Fit Brains Trainer also keeps track of your progress giving players rewarding views of their improvement or whether they need some work.


One brain training app that always comes up in searches is the paid app Lumosity. Its creator calls it the gym for the brain. Like Fit Games Trainer, it also contains a series of games that improve memory and trains the brain’s major functions such as focus, cognition and retention. Unlike FBT, it has only 57 highly engaging games though not all are available on the mobile version. These games can measure stuff like attention, speed, flexibility and problem sovilng. Whether or not Lumosity is better will be up to the user if they choose to have paid brain training.


Another competitive brain training app that should help you boost your speed, your memory and your ability to focus. Like Lumosity. Elevate is often at the top of searches when it comes to memory-enhancing apps. The games however are centered on your knowledge of the English language and grammar but they’re mostly fun and at least you’ll be well-versed about the common English-language mistakes.


Who says that exercising your memory shouldn’t be simple and fun? If you’re familiar with the colorful game Simon Says, then prepare to jog your memory and have fun. Like Simon Says, iMimic will sound off a sequence of notes corresponding to the four-colored buttons. The user must repeat the notes by tapping the buttons in proper sequence. The faster you repeat the notes, the higher your score will be.

Latest grooming gadgets for men

Technology has moved on from the days of just plain razors when it comes to male grooming. With more men adopting a “metrosexual” style, male grooming is definitely a booming industry in 2018. From perfectly coiffed hairstyles, to beards and smooth hairless looks, there are gadgets out there to suit every single taste.

Here’s a list of gadgets you may want to add to your repertoire to speed things up or get salon style results in the comfort of your home.

1.     Hairmax laser band – this is for men who are trying to keep male pattern baldness at bay or thicken already thinning hair. While laser combs have been around for a while, this take hair laser technology to a new level. It’s a headband designed to blast lasers into your scalp to recharge your hair follicles. Think of it as a cattle prod for hair follicles, no slacking allowed here! It revives dormant follicles helping to regrow lost hair and strengthen your existing hair.

2.     Panasonic ER430K ear and nose trimmer. For only £20 this nifty little gadget will rid your nostrils and ears of unsightly hairs safely. For men who like to groom their eyebrows, this is also a great tool to use to keep them in ship shape between waxing or threading appointments.

3.     Dyson Supersonic hair dryer – for £300 it is not a tool to be purchased on a whim. If you spend a lot of time grooming your hair and take your hair styling tools seriously then this is a piece you might want to consider. Dyson technology is no joke and they have invested the same amount of effort into creating this hair dryer. The digital motor is in the handle and the technology used means it should get your hair dry much quicker. For men with curly hair who use hair relaxers, this dryer keeps hair straight for even longer.

4.     Philips Lumea Prestige IPL – for those who like a hairless look, using an IPL treatment will save you lots of time and money in the long run. Hair waxing treatments can add up over time, not to talk of how painful they can be. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and has several uses in the cosmetic and medical fields. The Philips Lumea Prestige IPL uses pulses of light to stop your hair from growing for up to eight weeks. Far longer than the results achieved through waxing or shaving. You can save time on salon trips and the device will pay for itself quite quickly, depending on how often you have been making those said salon trips. For more information about how IPL works for hair removal click here.

So there you have it, four gadgets to make your grooming life easier and keep you looking your best. In the future we wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these gadgets customised for individual needs, or even linked to our phones or other information systems.

Top 4 Gadgets of 2018 and What They Do

Tech innovations just keep coming. Some useful, while some are not. Here are some of the more useful items to come out this 2018. But let’s not focus on smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Dell’s sleek XPS 13. There’s other stuff out there.

Electron Wheel – while your ordinary bicycle is great for exercise and all that, you can’t exactly go far without exhausting yourself. Even in exercise, you could use a little help. You can increase your range by up to 50 miles with the Electron Wheel, available for $799. This device converts your ordinary bicycle into an e-bike with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It can also help you climb up those steep hills. It’s not cheating as some hills just aren’t worth the exercise and more of a hindrance that keep you from some great spots. You can also find those spots with its integrated Google Assistant. For 799, your bike should be able to talk back.

VIZR – car envy is real especially if your friend or colleague bought that new car with a touch-screen GPS display and a snazzy rear parking camera. You can now have that same experience with VIZR, except for the rear view. Your smartphone (since anyone with a car has one) will now work as a touch-screen display just by attaching it on top the VIZR device that sits on your dash. For less than 30 dollars, your car will feel upgraded and you can drive a little safer. VIZR’s apps will add a turn-by-turn GPS to your car, give you info like your current speed, and even the weather depending on the VIZR apps you installed on your phone. You can also check out their FIXD engine sensor to find out what’s really wrong with your car when that check engine light comes on. FIXD will tell you what component should be checked which should help you from getting ripped off by some unscrupulous mechanic.

Roadside Hero – While we’re on the subject of cars, this is one you should keep handy in your glove compartment. Roadside Hero is a 9-in-1 device you can use in case of an emergency if you should get stuck in the middle of nowhere. It has a powerful LED flashlight, a USB power bank, an SOS light. Roadside Hero also works as a seatbelt cutter and a car window breaker. It also has a compass and solar panels to charge that power bank. The LED light and SOS light should be handy in hailing fellow drivers and when it gets dark. The seatbelt cutter and car window breakers will be handy in getting out of your car in life-threatening situations while the Solar panels and USB power bank will keep your phone alive. It’s available for 49.95 at Amazon.

Tile Mate – (this is a personal favourite) tired of looking for your car keys? How about the TV remote? Those things seem to disappear whenever they’re needed. But because your phone never leaves your side, you can use it to find those keys through Tile Mate. This little square device attaches to your key ring and with the help of the Tile Mate mobile app, you can quickly find your keys via pinging its location or through a loud sound. Just £29.99 from Amazon.

Improving Personal Productivity with your Smartphone

They say today’s smartphones are the bane of productivity giving you an endless stream of distracting notifications. Next thing you know, after checking that email, you’re on Facebook, you’re on Twitter and lastly checking out a video on YouTube. The thing is, you can actually use your smartphone for just the opposite if you’re willing. A couple of apps and some tweaks, your phone can land you to new heights in productivity. Here are some apps that might help.

Forest – staying in focus is key to get many jobs done. You can use your smartphone to actually keep yourself in focus instead of distracting you all the time. There’s an app for that and it’s called Forest. If you like the environment, this app is for you. It won’t directly save the environment but you’ll like the concept anyway. For every task you finish, you’re rewarded by a planted tree. The more tasks you finish, the more trees you’ll get until you get yourself a forest. In a philosophical way, you see yourself growing better and better in your work and professional life. If you get distracted or allow yourself to and exit the app, a tree dies. Now you wouldn’t want that. You can take breaks of course, as the app uses the Pomodoro technique allowing you a short break every 25 minutes.

Noisli – whether you believe it or not, some sounds actually help people focus more on their work. The simplest way without having to download any app is listening to your favorite set of songs. It works well for me when having to do a long routine no-brainer. That doesn’t work for everyone though as they need some sounds to be more soothing, relaxing or therapeutic when having to get creative. Noisli is an app to do just that. Noisli provides its users with a set of white noise to get them ‘in the zone’. These sounds include relaxing waves on the beach, the sound of rain on the roof, crackling fire or even coffee shop chatter which work for people who chill out at Starbucks.

Pocket – since distraction remains the enemy of productivity, you can simply put it at bay. Know those nice juicy articles you can’t resist reading popping up one after another, you can put them all in your pocket to read later after clocking out. Pocket allows you to move those links in a reading list for later. That way, you won’t forget them and miss them because that’s what you’re really afraid of right? Pocket used to be called Read It Later.

ToDoist Karma – Even the meekest or laziest person has a competitive streak. To take advantage of that, turn something into a game like a to do list. Getting rewarded points to get a job done is a good motivator. Players win Karma points after completing their specified objectives and lose those points if they fail or postpone a task, and gamers hate that. Todoist shows players some great charts to view their progress and players get motivated to improve on those charts.

Note Taking – It’s not shameful to take down notes if you want to remember points of discussions and meetings, in fact it’s a necessity. Your neurons aren’t what they used to be especially when you grow older. Note taking apps such as OneNote and EverNote will help you remember important points of your meetings or discussions. You’ll be thankful later on that you haven’t forgotten that one crucial tidbit. Note-taking apps are also useful whenever a great idea comes up. Don’t let it die, that idea could make you rich.

All apps mentioned in the post can be found on Google Play or the ITunes stores.

Debunking Social Media for Technophobes

Technophobia, as per Wikipedia is defined as the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers. So if there are people afraid to touch computers, how can they possibly enter the world of social media? Nowadays, in a broader sense, almost everything is a computer, or has a computer in it. Imagine a technophobic parent getting invited to live in a fully-automated home by one of their kids with their new-fangled NEST thermostat and automated lighting controlled by some invisible girl called Alexa in the living room.

While it’s true that people can offer technology for technophobes to enter social media, like Amazon’s Echo for example or an Amazon Screen in the kitchen, in our opinion, there is no real social media platform for the technophobic, even if any of them have marketed themselves as such.

Most social media platforms are designed to be easy to use that even an inquisitive three-year old can probably get into. Most social media platforms are designed to be accessible by anyone, except maybe for Facebook where you have to muck around with tons of settings. The point is, they’re easy to use, even Facebook once you get the hang of it. My mother was once a technophobe but now, for better she’s using Facebook Messenger to check in from time to time and for worse, she keeps forwarding chain mails and fake news. Donald Trump is on Twitter all the time and so is self-confessed technophobe former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Now for the hard part that any technophobe must face in case they want to engage in social media or unavoidably have to. They’ll need to sign up. To sign up you’ll have to have an email address. To get an email address they’ll have to much around Yahoo or Google or maybe given one by an ISP (which is probably the most convenient). And to finally get into Facebook, Twitter or anything else, you’ll have to access your email provider to confirm your registration. If alone, technophobes will have to force themselves to use their device or email for that. Fortunately, there’ always someone like the kids, the neighbor, the friend, and the tech support. If you’re a technophobe and a hermit living in the woods, there’s not much help for you. We envy your ignorant bliss.

But if there are social media platforms for the non-technical, it would be the following. There’s YouTube which at the base level can be used to simply watch videos at random. There’s Twitter, which is probably the simplest engaging social media platform. It even tried to fight for its simplicity to keep 144 character tweets but had to give in to more due to demand. And then there’s Pinterest to which there’s really not much need to engage after signing up. All there is to it is browsing and browsing for countless hours of interesting images. And there’s also Ello which has niched itself to the creative and artistic folk.

So basically, social media is for everyone, including technophobes. Everyone’s bound to the same requirements such as signing up, getting the devices we need and maybe even surrender a piece of our privacy. Devices like the iPad makes social media engagement a piece of cake with apps designed to be as simple as possible, at least some of them. So, social media for technophobes is a myth and will soon be legend in a couple of generations.