Top 4 Gadgets of 2018 and What They Do

Tech innovations just keep coming. Some useful, while some are not. Here are some of the more useful items to come out this 2018. But let’s not focus on smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Dell’s sleek XPS 13. There’s other stuff out there.

Electron Wheel – while your ordinary bicycle is great for exercise and all that, you can’t exactly go far without exhausting yourself. Even in exercise, you could use a little help. You can increase your range by up to 50 miles with the Electron Wheel, available for $799. This device converts your ordinary bicycle into an e-bike with a top speed of 20 miles per hour. It can also help you climb up those steep hills. It’s not cheating as some hills just aren’t worth the exercise and more of a hindrance that keep you from some great spots. You can also find those spots with its integrated Google Assistant. For 799, your bike should be able to talk back.

VIZR – car envy is real especially if your friend or colleague bought that new car with a touch-screen GPS display and a snazzy rear parking camera. You can now have that same experience with VIZR, except for the rear view. Your smartphone (since anyone with a car has one) will now work as a touch-screen display just by attaching it on top the VIZR device that sits on your dash. For less than 30 dollars, your car will feel upgraded and you can drive a little safer. VIZR’s apps will add a turn-by-turn GPS to your car, give you info like your current speed, and even the weather depending on the VIZR apps you installed on your phone. You can also check out their FIXD engine sensor to find out what’s really wrong with your car when that check engine light comes on. FIXD will tell you what component should be checked which should help you from getting ripped off by some unscrupulous mechanic.

Roadside Hero – While we’re on the subject of cars, this is one you should keep handy in your glove compartment. Roadside Hero is a 9-in-1 device you can use in case of an emergency if you should get stuck in the middle of nowhere. It has a powerful LED flashlight, a USB power bank, an SOS light. Roadside Hero also works as a seatbelt cutter and a car window breaker. It also has a compass and solar panels to charge that power bank. The LED light and SOS light should be handy in hailing fellow drivers and when it gets dark. The seatbelt cutter and car window breakers will be handy in getting out of your car in life-threatening situations while the Solar panels and USB power bank will keep your phone alive. It’s available for 49.95 at Amazon.

Tile Mate – (this is a personal favourite) tired of looking for your car keys? How about the TV remote? Those things seem to disappear whenever they’re needed. But because your phone never leaves your side, you can use it to find those keys through Tile Mate. This little square device attaches to your key ring and with the help of the Tile Mate mobile app, you can quickly find your keys via pinging its location or through a loud sound. Just £29.99 from Amazon.