Top 5 Apps to Improve Memory

Even during the days of old feature phones, I just love downloading memory training apps, mostly picture matching ones. But there are plenty of ways to train your brain and improve your memory and there are tons of that. Some studies show that keeping your brain exercised will keep you sharp ‘til you’re 90 or older and could fend off Alzheimer’s. Here are the top 5 apps that should keep your brain busy and sharp.


A brain training app that uses a spaced repetition technique. It not only trains your memory but is actually helpful especially if you want to remember passwords, credit card details, words and phone numbers. It won’t sit dormant either as it will remind you to periodically take a test. Eidetic is said to effectively use the spaced repetition technique which makes it worth checking out. Plus, it’s out-of-the-box straightforward and won’t ask you to register or anything. The app name alone speaks volumes.

Fit Brains Trainer

is another cool brain training app available on iOS and Android. It has over 60 games designed to improve the users’ memory, cognitive abilities, IQ and even emotional intelligence. In order to accomplish those, the games are designed to train the brain’s major brain functions. The fact that’s it’s 60 games in one quite helps. It’s reminiscent of my old Palm puzzle games pack. The games can be standalone or online and the online games can test your knowledge and memory against other players. Like other brain trainers, Fit Brains Trainer also keeps track of your progress giving players rewarding views of their improvement or whether they need some work.


One brain training app that always comes up in searches is the paid app Lumosity. Its creator calls it the gym for the brain. Like Fit Games Trainer, it also contains a series of games that improve memory and trains the brain’s major functions such as focus, cognition and retention. Unlike FBT, it has only 57 highly engaging games though not all are available on the mobile version. These games can measure stuff like attention, speed, flexibility and problem sovilng. Whether or not Lumosity is better will be up to the user if they choose to have paid brain training.


Another competitive brain training app that should help you boost your speed, your memory and your ability to focus. Like Lumosity. Elevate is often at the top of searches when it comes to memory-enhancing apps. The games however are centered on your knowledge of the English language and grammar but they’re mostly fun and at least you’ll be well-versed about the common English-language mistakes.


Who says that exercising your memory shouldn’t be simple and fun? If you’re familiar with the colorful game Simon Says, then prepare to jog your memory and have fun. Like Simon Says, iMimic will sound off a sequence of notes corresponding to the four-colored buttons. The user must repeat the notes by tapping the buttons in proper sequence. The faster you repeat the notes, the higher your score will be.